What is the Melvin Jones Fellowship - The Foundationsí Highest Honor !

Melvin Jones International MemorialMelvin Jones

      That question is best answered in terms of individuals whose lives have been enriched by humanitarian projects. Projects made possible by donations to Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) for the Melvin Jones Fellowship Program. The fellowship, which was created in 1973, takes its name from the founder of Lions Clubs International (LCI), Melvin Jones. It is an honor--not an award. The fellowship was established as LCIFís highest form of recognition to acknowledge an individualís dedication to humanitarian service. Fellowship donations are largely responsible for successfully launching the Lionsí aggressive global attack on preventable and curable blindness--the LCIF SightFirst program
     Fellowship donations, combined with other unrestricted gifts, provide funding for constructing and equipping medical facilities. These projects are often designed to benefit disadvantaged and underserved populations. Fellowship donations support vocational assistance programs that teach skills to disabled persons, giving them an opportunity to live productively and independently. Fellowship donations help fund reconstruction projects following major disasters. Fellowship donations have been used to provide homes for children with special needs and homes for the elderly. ...and the list of humanitarian projects goes on.
     When you meet Melvin Jones Fellows, you will notice that they are greatly concerned about the needs of humanity. They are firmly committed to finding ways of improving the quality of life in their local communities and in the world community. Thousands of lives have been dramatically touched by the good works that are funded with fellowship donations. The personal nature of the fellowship restricts it to individuals only. The honor cannot be given to any group or organization.


Melvin Jones Fellows of the Leavenworth Lions

Karl Romig 1987-1988
John Murray 1988-1989
Eugene Wentworth 1989-1990
Larry Weeda 1990-1991
Geary Ludwig 1991-1992
Ed Powers 1992-1993
Walden Dye 1992-1993
G. Keefe Bleakley 1992-1993
Jack Walker 1992-1993
Robert Brownson 1992-1993
William Bayer 1993-1994
Joseph Madenjian 1993-1994
Jake DeFrees 1994-1995
Herbert Hill 1994-1995
Merle Euler 1994-1995
Earl Irish 1994-1995
C.W. Bill Ruckhaber 1994-1995
M.James Trum 1994-1995
Charles Wamsley 1994-1995
Chester Morris 1995-1996
Ross Markle 1995-1996
William Nowlan 1995-1996
Richard Wright 1995-1996
Mark Norris 1997-1998
John Suwalsky 1997-1998
David M. Davis 1998-1999
Samuel M. Maxwell III 1999-1900
Wesley Ludwig 2000-2001
Edward C. Baldwin Jr. 2001-2002
Billy Southard 2001-2002
Robert W. Euler 2001-2003
Stephen Wood 2003-2004
Mark Klotz 2003-2004
John A. Raletz 2004-2005
Deborah Weaverling 2004-2005
William Broeker 2005-2006
Norman McCleod 2006-2007
Randy Herrman 2007-2008
Gertrude Jackson 2008-2009
Carl DeRuyscher 2009-2010
Dick Boultinghouse 2010-2011
George Huvendick 2011-2012
Ralph Beckwith 2012-2013
John Havens 2013-2014
John Raletz-2nd Award - Progressive Fellow 2013-2014
Gary Colstom 2015-2016
Joe Porter 2015-2016
Gerry Martin 2015-2016
Jim Beil 2016-2017
Kim Baker 2017-2018
Roger Harrison 2018-2019
Nancy Bauder 2019-2018
Caroline Arter
Nancy Martin
Phil Chiles
Edward Wettig

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